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Preschool kids crafts, scrapbooking ideas, & more

Preschool teachers and parents have never been this fortunate to have a resource such as this! We hope our ideas and sample crafts for kids will spur your own imagination, along with your child's or student's.

Being a teacher or parent has more demands than ever. Choosing craft projects should not be a stressful event! Here you'll find suggestions on everything from preschool Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts, to mason jar and pinecone crafts. Our newest addition is a selection of our recommended clearance scrapbooking supplies and some layout tips when you create scrapbooking books. Scrapbooks are the perfect way to document the life of your child!

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When we recommend an arts and crafts project, such as ones for Halloween, Valentines day, or just general kids winter crafts, we consider the following:

  • Price of Supplies - As school budgets dwindle, teachers are given less and less money to spend on kids craft projects, if any! These supplies to build our projects, such as our thanksgiving turkey craft projects, are easy on the wallet and readily available! We even recommend some online stores that have cheapest prices you'll find anywhere.

  • Ease of Construction - The best crafts leave your child or student feeling proud about themselves, not discouraged and frustrated. These preschool craft projects are kid tested so that your little ones will have no problems putting them together! And they'll boost their self esteem while they complete them!

  • WOW affect - This is our measure of a crafts